Say It's Mine- Sterlen Roberts

Sterlen Roberts, Justin Engel, Chase Farley, Rioux V Team up and light a summer time fire!!!

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Sterlen Roberts Releases New track from Upcoming Project "Say It's Mine"

PR. Blog October 31st, 2023- Darius Miles- It’s been a while since we heard from She Works/Tan Lines Producer/Artist Sterlen Roberts. I'm here to tell you he has been locked up in the studio working on his latest 25 track - (Vol 1&2) self titled project.

I've followed Sterlen's career as an artist and producer. Let me just say personally I am excited to hear what he has been cooking up because I know what he is capable of. While I know his album content is serious and musically in-depth,  “Say It’s Mine ” caught me off guard but in a good way. This is Sterlen’s pitch to the international market. It's also a pool party summertime smash! Featuring long time friend producer and South Bay Area artist Justin Engel, Florida’s own Rioux V and LA's upcoming R&B star Chase Farley Sterlen put together the perfect combination of artists to make some serious heat with this one. The song has a smooth latin reggaeton feel  with a hip-hop presence in the verses, guitar by Esteban and piano by Cristian Piedra. Say It’s Mine sounds familiar, but it’s a fresh familiar. I seriously tried not to like this, but I can't get the hook out of my head. Miami, California, Las Vegas get ready, Dj's you might just need this one in your Latin mix or any mix at that. Sterlen says "this is the only track on my album like this, but it’s fire so I said f*** it I'm putting it out I need a lil fun in my life and since my daughter doesn't talk about bruno,  I came  up with something a little more mature and it turned out crazy". 

Now I'm really excited to hear the rest of Sterlen's new project. Hear "Say It's Mine" for yourself!

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